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Tony Francis, LMSW

I was born in Liberia West Africa. My mother was a descendent of freed slaves from America and my father was from Barbados and resettled in Liberia. I am mixed race. However, I consider myself African.

I attended the City University of New York (CUNY) on Staten island and graduated in June, 2018 with a Bachelors Degree. For graduate school, I attended Adelphi University located in Manhattan where I obtained a MSW in 2019.

I went into this field after being inspired to by my brother. I had a brother who was sick and going through that process with him, I realized that if you do not have a family member or support system to advocate for you, you will not get the care you deserve. I have worked with children in foster care. I am currently working at safe horizon as a clinical supervisor.  

As a Black man myself I understand the need for support and guidance in a country where the system is unfair and treats us like we are nobody. I have experienced racism on so many levels. I deal with it by advocating for myself in a respectful manner. I say respectful manner because the system labels Black men as angry, so I try to communicate in a calm yet firm way to address racism.

My clinical approach is to explore the root cause of any issue and see my clients as a person first and not as their behavior. We need Black male counselors and therapists to create a normalized setting within the community. I feel Black male counselors and therapists can provide therapy by using their own experiences to help support the clients that they serve.

I try to be transparent as possible and create a predictable environment for therapy because I think we need that in a society that likes to polish things.

I also love to cook! Many don’t know that I am also a professional chef and I have traveled the world.

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